We use the highest quality waxes from France and Italy. Warmed to a safe level and applied just above skin temperature, our waxes are comfortable and effective. The creamy texture of our hard wax makes it less sticky than traditional waxes. Our cream wax is designed for very delicate areas. It leaves the skin smooth with no wax residue. It contains Teobroma Grandiflorom, a nourishing butter that is extracted from an Amazonian fruit seed, and Calming Passion fruit extract.

Products used:

  • Hard Wax or Cream Wax, depending on area to be treated
  • Waxing oil
  • Waxing powder
  • Prince Reigns


Pre-wax cleanser is applied to the area to be waxed.

For hard wax, a small amount of oil is applied to the skin prior to waxing.

For soft wax, a small amount of powder is applied to the skin prior to waxing.

A thin coat of wax is applied in the direction of hair growth.

The same wax stick is never used twice.

Hair is removed in the opposite direction of growth

Princereigns is applied to reduce the chance of in-grown hairs.

Avoid the following after receiving waxing treatments:

  • Sun/Tanning beds
  • Chlorinated water
  • Hot water, saunas
  • Deodorant with aluminum
  • Salt glow or stimulating body or facial treatments
  • Tight clothing

Do apply sunscreen to any waxed area that will be exposed to the sun. Ask our estheticians for sunscreen recommendations.

Do not receive waxing if:

You are using Retin A, Renova, Accutane, AHA, Glycolic Acid or any other skin thinning products.

You have cancer, insulin dependent diabetes, mellitus, or herpes.

You have vascular problems.

The area to be waxed has an open wound, irritation or inflammation.

You are receiving chemotherapy.

You are on using antibiotics or steroids.

You use tanning beds.

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